Ecotactical provides avian control in Airports and many other places where the security is heavily required.

In this Area, our product distinguish itself from any other solutions in several aspects:

Security: Our Shepherd Robots have the most advantage technologies which allow to define restricted areas, avoiding impacts and it is able to land at any moment in a few seconds.

Performance: Just with only one Shepherd, you can cover large areas, more than 10Km.
This advantage grants to our system the capability of give a response in a short period of time.
Moreover, the system is able to shave money because it does not need places to maintain the raptors, not neither many falconers to attend the airport.

Effectiveness: Shepherd is able to manage and guide the flock of birds to any desired direction. That peculiarity is not achieved successfully by traditional methods.
Our studies show that do not exist any doubt about the possibility of the birds could habituate to our system.



Shepherd is a great solution for small, medium and large landfields .It is simple to be flight by your own.

We know about the requirements of this sector, that is the reason for which we are absolutely sure that is good for your business.

Cost: Shepherd was development with a wide range of operation. Thanks to that, it let us to give a service from a small up to large crop fields just with one Shepherd.

Moreover, with a simple training anyone can use the Shepherd keeping far away the birds.

Plagues: Every year thousand of crops had been raze by gregarious birds. In other cases, those birds keep placed in ports, garbage dumping and cities where they take its feed.

The rapid growth of the number of birds which inhabit those places entails a hard work from falconries.

Sometimes, these works are really expensive and involves the profits of the crops.

Our system has a low maintenance, and can be operated 24/7 and is transformed into a great allied to control theses plagues.


Fish Farms

To come different where others not come is our challenge. Our serie of products Shepherd has perform a model which is waterproof .

This is recommended to use in fish farms even these farms where placed miles away.



The employment of Shepherd is the most desired solution to avoid the presence of birds in dumps because is there where theses species get their primary feed.

Thousand of seagulls fly every day from their nest to the dumping site as their only way of life.
If do not establish methods to prevent the presence of seagulls into the dump, the number of birds would increase causing serious problems of healthfulness in the environment and close cities.


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Wind Farms

The future of the energy will depend on green energy methods which allow to preserve the environment.
Due this reason, Ecotactical is the only company which is capable of successfully keeping away from turbines the gregarious birds, raptors and scavengers.

In this manner, we avoid the possibility of that these birds could be hit by the blades At the same time we keep the integrity of the generator increasing its availability.

In common with many other airports, the presence of one Shepherd is capable of covering a large free birds area.