Shepherd , designed by Ecotactical Technologies has achieve to fuse the effectiveness from the falconry with the reliability and functioning of a machine.

As result, we have developed the avian control system most advanced, economical and effectiveness at present-day.

Shepherd is a plane which seems perfectly the appearance and behavior of a predator.

From the earth, the pilot controls every movement and performance of the flight. Thanks to that, he can remove the birds from everywhere and to drive them to a desired direction.

From the first moment, we conceive the Shpeherd as a system which will coexist with other methods such as falconry to control the birds.

However, Shepherd has great advantages from traditional systems which make Shepherd irreplaceable.

Not need skilled personal to use it.

The pilot could drive the removed birds to a desired direction.

Shepherd can flight in an interrupted manner, just only changing the batteries in a few seconds.

Shepherd will be operated 24h / 365 days including night flights. DO NOT FALL ILL, DO NOT CHANGE FEATHERS, DO NOT RAISE,…

The pilot always has Shepherd under control.

The pilot always has Shepherd under control.

Shepherd always comes back and lands in a safe place.

Shepherd has a low maintenance. Do not need specific installations such as falcons for to storage.

Shepherd is effectiveness even removing other raptors.

Shepherd can flight and cover up to 10km of distance.

  • Shepherd Hawk
  • Shepherd Bonelli
  • Shepherd Golden