April 12, 2010
Technical University of Madrid awards the better ideas.

The VII edition of "ACTUA UPM" program which encourage to found companies at Technical University of Madrid took place this may 2010.

During this previous phase, ACTUA UPM awards the better business ideas developed by researchers from the University.

Founders of Ecotactical Technologies got the valued Accésit which grants the opportunity of acquiring a specific knowledge for entrepreneurs taught by the Industriales Business School hold by UPM.

Ecotactical introduces itself as developer of an innovative project within the New Technology-Based Firms or NTBF.

"To reduce economical losses in sectors such as Airports, Agricultural Fields, Fish Farms, Energy, … with the use of our robotic and ecological system of wildlife control."



11 Noviembre 2010
University enterprising experiences. From classroom to business.

Ecotactical took part in this day where were analyzed the oportunities that the University scope tender at the moment of create a company. Everything through our testimonial as entrepreneurs who already have developed our owners´ project.

This event was supported by the "Área de creación de empresas" Technical University of Madrid, "Fundación Madri+d" for knowledge and "Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y comercio" Spain.



23 Marzo 2010
Showing at "Campo de prácticas de la Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Agrónomos" Technical University of Madrid.

Ecotactical achieves to satisfy scientist, falconries, and farmers about the potentiality of use this system.

After, a brief description about the system at the showroom, took place the next step that was to make it fly over the crops.

With an amazed look, the visitors could see how our Shepherd in less than a minute. Until now it was unthinkable discovering that a robot with the apperance of a goshawk is capable of imitate the same movements like its real predator.

The effect was that we always had expected. The birds flew off and went away, including those that were far away, outside the crops. The last ones become aware the presence of the predator and they escaped.

Inclusive, the Harris Eagle sited over the falconer arm felt uncomfortable by the fact of seeing how other raptor flown above the environment that always was its.

This is only one of the next showing that we will announce. We shall keep posted.



24 Septiembre 2010
Farm Machinery Exhibition Day IMIDRA

Throughout the exhibition, Ecotactical made worked its system over the vineyard located at "Finca el Socorro" facilities property of "Instituto Madrileño de Investigación y Desarrollo Rural, Agrario y Alimentario" (IMIDRA)

Our innovation attract many businessman, media and suppliers interested in to know at first hand the advantages, functionality and cost savings that this system offers.

Almost safely, the host will tender to Ecotactical the possibility of taking part in following editions for showing new developments, products and newest methods.

This event was organized by Dirección de recursos Agrícolas y Ganaderos "Ministertio de Medio Ambiente y Medio Rural y Marino" / IMIDRA




1 Diciembre 2010
Ecotactical was awarded during the "VII ACTUA UPM AWARDS"

Se clausura el VII programa de creación de Empresas de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid obsequiando el segundo premio de su categoría a Ecotactical Technologies por su elaboración del plan de empresa y compromiso en el proyecto.

En esta ocasión, contamos con la presencia de Pedro Duque, Presidente Ejecutivo de Deimos Imaging. Pedro, antiguo alumno de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (1986),  ha sido  astronauta de la Misión Espacial Europea (1995-2003). En 1999 recibió el Premio Príncipe de Asturias de Cooperación Internacional junto con los astronautas Chiaki Mukai, John Glenn y Valery Polyakov por haber sido considerados representantes de la cooperación internacional en la exploración pacífica del espacio.

El acto, presidido por Gonzalo León, Vicerrector de Investigación de la UPM, supone el cierre de la VII Edición de la Competición de Creación de Empresas y la apertura de la VIII. Supone además una buena oportunidad para conocer los proyectos más innovadores de la UPM provenientes de investigadores y estudiantes y que a buen seguro marcarán tendencia en los próximos años. Del mismo modo, sabremos qué fue de los proyectos ganadores en la pasada edición a través de la experiencia de sus promotores.

El Programa de Creación de Empresas de la Universidad ha generado cerca de 1.000 ideas de negocio y ha promovido la creación de 90 empresas de alto potencial, que sólo desde 2007 han conseguido captar fondos de inversores por valor de 16 millones de euros.