Is it Effective? ver_respuesta

Sure, It shares the same scientific principles than the falconry. Shepherd rouse an innate fear in the birds. Due that, they escape away.


Birds will be accustomed to the system?ver_respuesta

No, that effect only occur when the stimulus is repeated following fixed patterns such as ( flashes, detonations, noises…)
The birds recognize Shepherd as an authentic predator, because its behavior is always different and it is capable of following and hunting them.

Did the birds come back?ver_respuesta

Through right implantation of the system, the birds will identify the area as a hunting zone by a predator. As well as the birds escape, they will not come back for a long time.
Subsequently, to make some recurrent flights will be enough to keep the place clear.


Is it secure?ver_respuesta

Sure, it will be always localized by GPS from everywhere. It has aids to navigation which grant that anyone without specific skill can operate the system securely. It is built in early alarms system which ensures the integrity of the system.


It will work with my birds?ver_respuesta

Sure, after work in many flights removing successfully several species worldwide, we can confirm that is completely effective : Seagulls, pigeons , starlings, buzzards, magpies, vultures, blackbirds and so on.

In spite of every specie requires a different technique, all of them are remove by Shepherd.