Ecotactical Technologies


Ecotactical Technologies is a young start-up compromised with the technological development and the environment.

More than 4 years about studies and development make growing a team of engineers, scientists and commercial managers supported by agreements and alliance which cover the fundamental areas of marketing, legal and financial.

Into a current scene where every business is being aware of our environment we bet for an ecological service. We have developed an innovative and effective patented system for removing gregarious birds by a controlled and no lethal manner.

Its implementation is really immediate in summit´s sector such as Air Transports, Renewable Energies and Fish Farms.As well as consolidated sectors: Farms and Environmental Health.

Business Areas

The widely of the potencial market is attractive enough to guide our develop at the same time that you improve your productivity and your business.

In the world there are 5.000 Airports between large and medium scales. Just only in the USA, the damaged occurs due to impacts of birds against aircrafts, called "Bird Strike", rise up to 650M$ in 700 accidents/year. If we considered the whole world, that amount would reach 1.200M$

The proliferation of Wind Farms in Spain reach the quantity of more than 750 in 2010 with an average of 21 turbines per park. We have estimate that each turbine get between 1 to 23 impacts per year.

The 60% of the consumption of fish at whole world, about 40m tons., proceed from fish farms. The most extensive farms are which receive large flocks of predators. Just one cormorant can eat up to 400gr of fish each day.

In farms, the presence of birds reduce the profitability of the crops. In Europe the quantity of farms raise up to 12.000 units.



The facilities are located at Science and Technology campus of Leganés where took place our research and development.



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Calle Margarita Salas, 16

28919 Leganés (Madrid).


Phone: (34) 91 140 19 73
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